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Friday, July 04, 2008

Troy's owner: Send me an email, please

Two days ago the hard disk on my main computer was snuffed out by a lightening strike. Most of my data files are okay; I keep copies on a removable hard disk device. However, I loat my email address book.

So, if we have been regular or even occasional correspondents, please send me an email message so I can get your address again. Members of worldvents need not do that. I can reach you through the list. Judy has all the family members in her email, so I don't need messages from family members, either.

There is one fellow whose address I need. I can't remember your name, but I'm working on your vent figure now. The figure's name is Troy, I think. (It seems I lost some brain cells, too.) You live in Florida, and you brought your old figure to my workshop a while back for a restringing, repaint, and to replace the hand that your dog chewed up. That ought to be enough information to narrow it down.

I hope you read this. Please send me a short email so we can communicate again.

My email address is: