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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bye, bye blog

I'll be deleting this blog soon. My figure-making activities have been curtailed due to my recent vision loss. I have a couple of projects to complete, which I will do with some help, but I cannot discuss them publicly yet.

The outlook is not as rosy as my previous post suggested. Since then most of the right eye is dark and the left doesn't focus well. I did an eleven-day cruise with a big band reading piano charts and it convinced me that I ought to be playing by ear. I made it through the gig, but it was work. A trip to the opthomologist on Monday confirmed that, absent a miracle, the right eye's damage is permanent. The jury is still out on the left one.

Musical activities will keep me busy enough. I am presenting a workshop at the VH convention in July about using music in ventriloquism, and that project is where my emphasis will be over the next several months. Fortunately, I completed the visual parts of the presentation before the lights went dim.

If there is something in this blog you wish to save, go get it now. I'll leave the posts up for a while.

Thanks to all who read and commented on the articles I posted here.