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Monday, July 10, 2006

Landon and Harry

Landon and Harry Porter are a team. He has a script he likes and he's working to memorize it. I showed him a technique I used as a kid to memorize scripts. A teenager has a sponge memory, and the technique is working well for Landon. It worked for me, too, 50 years ago. Nothing works, now. I suffer from advanced CRS (can't remember scripts).

Tomorrow we work on how to phrase each line to get the most out of it. Landon is really getting into this project. He liked Harry Porter as soon as they got together, and he ran the script down last night for an appreciative audience of family and friends. We'll be rehearsing during the nine hour drive to Ft. Mitchell on Wednesday.

Landon is eager to meet Jeff Dunham. Landon has Jeff's Comedy Central DVD, and he's hoping Jeff will autograph it for him. Landon also wants to meet Tim Cowles, who designed and built the figure that became Harry Porter.


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