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Friday, June 30, 2006

A Newer Look

Thanks for all the opinions about Uncle Sweeter's mustache. Eleven interested parties say lose the mustache. Eleven say keep it. So we are split down the middle. Two prominent figure makers offered opinions. One was for the mustache, one against it.

This is an interesting survey. Those who like the mustache generally say only that he looks better with it and that it adds character. Those who prefer him without a mustache offer specific details. With a mustache he loses his individuality. He looks older without it (something I had observed myself). His face has a lot of character and the mustache steals focus from and detracts from the face. He looks like two different characters with and without the mustache; more grandfatherly without and more of a smart alec with.

I must admit that I was biased toward keeping the mustache, probably because I had time invested in making it. But I was convinced by my wife Judy to remove it, at least temporarily. She said that Pop didn't have a mustache, he had nose hair, and he almost always needed a shave. While I was at it, I made his nose a bit redder. So, here is yet another version of what Uncle Sweeter Dabney can look like.

By the way, the tuxedo is temporary. He'll be wearing clothes more appropriate to his character when I complete his body. But he wants to keep the tux for when he goes in for his vascectomy. "The doc said after the operation I'd be impotent. I want to dress the part."


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I like the final version. He looks great!

5:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Is it too late to weigh in on the mustache debate? I like him MUCH better without. I think the stache definitely draws attention away from the rest of his face. Much more character without it.


Bob Baker

5:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I love the final look. Awesome job. I really like the nose hair and the paint to show he needs a shave. Can't wait to hear the voice and material to go with him.

-David Crone

12:29 PM  

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