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Thursday, July 06, 2006

On the Road Again

I'm getting ready to hit the road. First stop is an annual party/picnic in rural Virgina where I'll see a lot of my jazz musician pals from the old days in DC. From there, it's up to Northern VA to pick up my grandson Landon and head for Kentucky and the convention. Landon has decided to perform at Jr. Open Mic. Except he doesn't know which figure to use. He has an Axtell Burd, an Axtell monkey, and a Danny O'Day.

I am giving him Harry Porter, the small Tim Cowles figure I modified to look like, guess who, Harry Potter. It's Landon's reward for performing, and he might just decide to use Harry in his show.

This is Landon's first performance in front of strangers, and he is understandably nervous. If you are at the convention, please attend Jr. Open Mic and give him lots of encouragement. He's got the number three spot on the program, so don't be late.


Anonymous Uncle Jeff said...

Break a leg, Landon!

P.S. In those photos it looks like it would be hard to tell Landon and Harry Porter apart except for the glasses. ;-)

1:03 AM  

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