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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Studio Gets a Facelift

After almost 20 years, I'm getting the studio polished up a bit. I started the project not long after we moved here in '92. It had been the woodworking shop of the previous owner so it needed an interior finish.

The last two items on the inside to-do list were a floor and ceiling. It has neither. Well, the floor is concrete, but the ceiling is nothing but exposed rafters. I finally admitted that I am not able to do ladders and hammering and spackling things that are above my head. Not without a safety net. So I hired some guys. They'll be here this morning. (In six minutes, if they're prompt.)

They'll also be repairing some siding and soffits and repainting the outside.

The downside is that I have to move all the equipment around, which means disconnecting everything, which is going to be a mess. And I'm relegated to the RV with a laptop. Oh, the suffering.

I hope they're late. (Four more minutes.)

8:27. They just got here. I'm out of here.


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