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Thursday, May 05, 2011

I got this guy a little over two years ago, dismantled him and set him aside.

He had paint that I couldn't strip because what the chemicals do to me make Mr. Hyde look like Mr. Rogers. But lately I got to thinking about him and sent him to John Parisi to strip for me. So now he's a box of parts.
He'll get an ethnic transplant. He'll become an illegal alien. This all came about because I wanted to write a politically incorrect script about what's been happening in Arizona. It's not easy material for a gringo to write or perform.
He will be properly attired for the role. Anyone know where I can buy a child-sized serape?
Oh, yeah, his name will be Juan. If I have him finished in time, I'll take him to the convention in July.
Come meet Juan and me at my book signing.
Ventriloquism: Art, Craft, Profession


Blogger Bob Conrad said...

I liked this guy the first time you posted him. I was wondering what happened to him.

11:54 AM  

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