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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

ACase iPad Keyboard

I have an iPad and use it a lot for proof-reading. I wanted an easier way than the glass keyboard to make notes, so I ordered this:

Seven out of eight buyers gave it high marks. The eighth did not but only because the item never arrived.

It took a long time to get here. It arrived yesterday. I worked with it a lot last night. It goes back tomorrow. I cannot understand why so many people like it. It doesn't do the job, which is to say, it isn't any easier to use than the glass keyboard.

Here are my complaints:
  1. There is only one Shift key, the one on the left. Speed typists will not be able to use the keyboard because of that one feature.
  2. The quote key (' and ") is in the wrong place. Awful design for writers who use a lot of contractions and quotations.
  3. Likewise for the plus/equal key.
  4. The del key and the Backspace key do the same things. They delete the character to the left of the cursor.
  5. It doesn't work in portrait mode unless you take the iPad away from the keyboard.
  6. You close it by inserting a flap into a slot above the iPad. Difficult to do and a wear problem built in.
  7. When you fold the flap under the keyboard to get it out of the way (such as when the device is in your lap,) it raises the keyboard at an awkward angle.

 Other than for that, it's fine.

I'll be checking out other iPad keyboards soon.




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