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Friday, April 29, 2011

Finishing a Novel

"Nursing Home Invasion" is almost ready to publish. Except that, for a novel, it's too short. I formatted as a standard small paperback with a 10pt font, and it's only 200 pages. That's about 55,000 words. I need more words. Trouble is, the story is told, there's nothing to add, nothing that would add substance or meaning to the story.

I wrote it with only one point-of-view (POV), that of the protagonist. Everything that happens in the story is in view of him or in his memory. There are no scene breaks within chapters and no need to change to a different POV. Except to make the book longer, and I don't like doing anything just for that reason. Words for the sake of words.

Both my proof readers said the same thing: It seems too short. And so I must think about that. I'll probably insert some scenery here and there and see where that takes me.


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