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Monday, November 07, 2011

I play string bass in a local big band. Although I have a 3/4 acoustic bass, I don't like schlepping it to gigs. So

I usually use an electric stick bass.

I don't play a bass guitar. Everything's in the wrong place.

My stick bass is a Steinberger NS. On our last gig as I tuned the bass, there came a loud boingg! and I found myself holding the upper end of the E string in my hand. I have the bass strung with acoustic bass strings because it sounds and feels more like the real thing. I do not have a spare set of strings. Those suckers are expensive.

So, I had to work the evening on the top three strings. It's a reading gig, so it got to be a challenge whenever the note written went below low A. Obviously, I played those notes an octave up, but sometimes it would be a passage in which every other note was down there.

I got to exercise my hearing chops that night.


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