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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A better keyboard

Earlier I talked about my disappointment in the aCase keyboard that I bought online. I returned it, and learned that the vendor, CTCStore, has a 25% restocking fee plus they charge the shipping charges, which had been included in the sale. So, take heed. Before you One-click anything on amazon, find out about the seller's return policies. These are unreasonable and should be revealed before you are allowed to buy anything.

I visited the sites of several other iPad Bluetooth keyboards and read their reviews. I chose the ZaggMate keyboard/case combination.

It arrived a couple of days ago, and I am happy with it. Because it has a narrow keyboard--about the size of the typical netbook--speed typing is less than optimum. But I have small hands and can adapt.

I am diligently working on two manuscripts. One has been ongoing for about two years, the other I started this year and have it ready for publication now pending a blessing from my writing coach.

Every writer should have a writing coach, someone who'll tell you no holds barred when your writing sucks and how to fix it. Here's mine:


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