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Saturday, November 05, 2011

A phoenix

It's been a while since I posted here. I spent the summer pounding on several manuscripts.

The Absolute Write forum ran an anthology project. Members were invited to submit short stories in the speculative fiction genre. They had to be new, unpublished works.

First I had to learn what speculative fiction is. I'm not sure I ever learned.

"A Place Called Nowhere"
I submitted a short story that was immediately rejected. It's based on the lyrics to a song a wrote a long time ago. I'm not sure what I'll do with this story.

"The Mulpies"

The AW anthology folks liked my second submission, at least they told me so, but eventually they decided not to include it. It "didn't fit the project." I never learned what was needed to fit, but I guess that will become apparent when the anthology is published. The outcome, though, is that I have a story, probably now of novella length, that I can sell elsewhere, or at least self-publish.

"The Shadow on the Grassy Knoll"
I had submitted my JFK assassination novel to Reck House Press. The editor asked for a R and R, which means "revise and resubmit." She made some suggestions, which, as far as I could see, improved the story. I R'd and R'd and, after a time, she sent me a contract to sign. It was the least author-friendly contract I've seen in 25 years of book publishing. Thinking that maybe times had changed, I asked some fellow AWers whose experience is more current, to look at some of the terms. They gagged. I turned down the offer and submitted to a fledgling publisher. They asked for a final almost right away and then a final, and within a week of submission I had a contract. A friendly contract. I signed it.

"Nursing Home Invasion"
This novel is about crime in a nursing home. All the characters save one are elderly. There's no sex in this book, Viagra notwithstanding. I submitted it to Carina Press, an imprint of Harlequin. After several weeks they rejected it, I suppose because it's not fantasy or romance. It's a so-called "cozy mystery."

"On the Street Where You Die"
This one's almost finished. It's about what I call a "soft-boiled" detective. Might be a new genre there.
Other News
I've been working on an article series about self-publishing. Depending on how that pans out, I might post the articles here. But there are a kazillion books on the subject, and the rules keep changing.

I've been thumping string bass in a big band. Other than for that, nothing is happening musically.

I'm designing book covers for all my upcoming books. That's the job for the publisher, but I like fooling with Photoshop, and I'll have covers ready for anything I have to or decide to self-publish. Plus they will be a starting place for the publisher's artists.

Drop a comment and let me know you're tuned in.



Blogger Bob Conrad said...

Good to see you back, I've missed your blog.

9:42 PM  
Blogger Count DeVille said...

Glad to see you!

10:57 AM  

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