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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What's happenin'?

Not much is happening. I need to finish making molds to try in the rotocaster. But I need some adequate mold release for where places on one half of the mold touches places on the other half of the mold.

I would have ordered the stuff from Smooth-On with their online order process, but they require a minimum order of twenty bucks. I don't believe in ordering something extra just to get the order up to some arbitraty minimum. And don't tell me about credit card minimums and all that. I used to have a merchant account and know how they work. That's all a lot of BS to get you to order more stuff.

So I called their Pennsylvania office to order by telephone. When the nice lady learned where I live, she told me about a store in Orlando that carries Smooth-On products. I called them yesterday and ordered one can of Ease Release 200 by telephone. It should be here today or tomorrow.

So, maybe I'll have some rotocasting progress to report soon.

I have made progress on the alergy front. I find that if I properly use surgical gloves and don't touch my face until I've washed my hands, that I can work with the stuff that made my eyelids swell and get flaky. I have yet to try casting anything though. We'll see what happens when I start pouring urethane into molds. If I start to look like Freddy Kreuger again, I'll know what causes it.

In the meantime, have you noticed what wack jobs many ventriloquists are? Me, too.

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