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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rotocaster Status Report

Here's where I am on the rotocaster project that I introduced earlier.

I'm baaack! With a new and challenging project

My friend with all the tools says the project should be easy to build.

I ordered parts online

  • A microwave oven motor from Martin Microwave
  • A box of 16 skate bearings from
  • The miter gears, belt, and pulleys from

I have yet to buy the wood and hardware to complete the assembly.

So far I have spent $88.48 on the project including shipping and have nothing except optimism to show for it.

It looks like an investment of around a hundred bucks will do it. If you have an old microwave or rotisserie oven with a working motor, some old roller skates, unused shelf board, and miscellaneous hardware, you can do it for less.

More to come.

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