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Friday, March 06, 2009

An update on Sonny

Last summer I rebuilt Sonny for Michael Harrison. You can read about Sonny. Scroll down to Previous Posts at the bottom of this page, start with "Not Far From the Tree," and read that article and the ones above it. If that article has scrolled off, use the archives and start in March of last year.

Some of you asked me to post how that project turned out, so here he is.

The new Sonny holds the original Sonny's noggin in his lap. All I did to the original was replace the leather patch under his jaw and give him a new hairpiece.

Michael uses the new guy in his shows. He tells the story of his great-grandfather and how he came to be in possession of Sonny.

About Michael Harrison becoming famous. He appeared on "America's Got Talent." He made it to the second round. The judges seemed to blow him off in that second session, but actually they liked him. Some creative video editing gave him about two seconds of airplay followed by some dismissive comments as the judges seemed to be commenting on his act. Actually, they were talking about someone else. I guess they didn't want another ventriloquist getting a shot at the big time. Who knows?

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