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Monday, June 19, 2006

Jaws II

While the axle shelves are setting up in the face, I'll add some needed pieces to the jaw. It needs a place to connect the jaw movement string and a place to connect the spring that holds the jaw closed. Both connections are screw eyes. The string connection is on the back of the jaw in the center at the lowest point. When the string pulls backward, the jaw opens. The spring connection is on an extension from the back of the jaw. When the spring pulls down, the jaw closes.

When I was thinking about teeth, someone suggested one gold tooth for Uncle Sweeter. I like that idea, and so it shall be. You can almost see it over on the left in the next picture. The gold tooth will be more visible when I paint the inside of the mouth.

I also added something that I remember from when Pop, my father-in-law, had only one tooth remaining. He held his tongue in a certain way. So, Uncle Sweeter's tongue is held that same way.


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