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Saturday, June 17, 2006

An Executive Decision

I thought a lot about Uncle Sweeter's animations. Today, while fitting his eyes, I reached a decision.

Uncle Sweeter's only facial animations will be the basics, a moving jaw and a turning head.

There are several reasons for changing my mind.
  1. He'll be easier to build. Duh.
  2. He'll be easier to manipulate. I know that my manipulation is better the fewer controls I have to fool with. In comparing videotapes of performances I can see more life in a basic figure than in one with more doo-dads on the headstick.
  3. It worked for Bergen.
  4. It's easier to get the fixed look I want with stationary eyes, lids, eyebrows, than it is when all those things have to move, too.
  5. A skilled ventriloquist, which I am trying to be, can use manipulation alone to suggest effective expressiveness in a figure. It worked for Bergen.
  6. He's mine. I can always rip him apart and retrofit whatever I want.
  7. Maybe this way, he'll be ready to show at an upcoming convention.
  8. Did I mention that it worked for Bergen?
Many ventriloquists will disagree with this decision, and I respect their opinions. However, in all my performances with Aunt Sally, for example, nobody has ever commented that her eyes don't move. Besides...

It worked for Bergen.


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