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Friday, June 16, 2006

Ear, Ear!

The ear mold plaster has set up. Here are the steps for completing the ears.

  1. Remove the clay wall and clean the clay ear sculptures from inside the mold

  2. Coat the inside of the two ear molds with petroleum jelly to be a mold release
  3. Cut two pieces of fiberglass mat in about the shape of the ears
  4. Cut some other smaller strips of fiberglass mat
  5. Mix one ounce of resin with 10 drops of hardener
  6. Fill the two ear molds with resin
  7. Push the ear-shaped mat into the ears, ensuring that they fill out the ears
  8. Use the other strips of mat to add strength to those parts of the cast that are thick

  9. Once the cast ears have set up, break the mold with a hammer, remove the cast ears, and clean them up.

The head and ears are cast. The next procedures include cutting out the eye holes and jaw and building the mechanics.


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