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Friday, July 02, 2010

A new name

The robot puppet is almost completed. And he gets a new name. He will be known as Rollo the Robot in memory of my friend Dean "Rollo" Keenhold who died last year. Here's Rollo:

He still has to get a control panel with switches, knobs, meters, and flashing lights on his belly. His eye circuit is still on the drawing board, too. He needs ears, too.

The script I wrote for him depends on all those features. If I make it to the conVENTion in time to sign up for General Open Mic, you will see Rollo and hear the script.

I have, so far, remained loyal to my plan to use household items to build him. His head is a paint can, his hat a funnel. His eyes are flashlight lenses and bulbs, his ears will be bottle tops. His body is a mineral spirits can, his arms are dowels. His hands and feet are small fish tins. His legs are spray paint cans.

So far, I've used no glue in assembling Rollo. Everything is bolted on. The only paint I've used is a chrome spray paint to make all the metal look the same.

He is one noisy, clanking puppet. I like him that way.