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Sunday, October 11, 2009

I managed to make it to Peter Hefty's gig last night after my own. I walked in just as the three performers were saying goodnight. It's a new comedy club venture that they are promoting, and the Cape Canaveral Radisson was the first venue they tried out. This is a different concept. They promoted it and conducted it with a PG-13 theme. The room was large and almost full. This event was well-promoted, and the attendance seems to indicate that there is a market for a family-oriented comedy club.

I visited with Peter afterwards. Many members of the audience stopped by and congratulated him on his performance. He was on a roll.

We went from the show venue to the Radisson lounge. I worked there several years ago hosting a jazz jam session, and had a nice reunion with Tina, the bartender. Peter's colleagues were already there and we visited until Tina threw us out.

Peter and the boss tried to recruit me for their shows. Well, they encouraged me to give it a try. I don't know. What with George Bush leaving office and only PG-13 allowed, my one-hour show would be cut down to about half. Half a minute, that is.

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