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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Locks and Security

I'm doing research for a writing project. I remember stuff from my youth about how to pick locks but did not recall the details.

A google search turned up numerous sites that explain how to do it. Picking common pin tumbler lock is a very simple procedure using two homemade tools.

Out of curiosity I made those tools from some scrap brass in the workshop.

Sunday I picked the padlock on my workshop door. All my power tools are in there.

Yesterday I picked the deadbolt lock on my studio where I keep all my figures and my musical instruments. It's the same kind of lock that's on all the doors on my house.

Each time it took less than a minute to get the lock open. Criminentlies!

And how to do it is available to anyone with internet access. They even show you how to make the tools with a bobby pin and the pocket clip from a ballpoint pen. Wait until you read about "bumping" a lock to open it. That's really scary.

On one site a locksmith advises that people spend the extra money (about $150) for locks that cannot be so easily picked. Tomorrow, I'm going to see about getting deadbolt locks from this maker, one of the ones the locksmith recommends.

I think until then I'll sleep on a chair in the studio with a shotgun in my lap.

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