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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ray Guyll's Acrylic-On-Oil Formula

You can't apply acrylic paint on a surface that was previously painted with oil paint. If you try, the new paint does not adhere. It just peels off. Many old ventriloquist figures were painted in oils, which means to repaint one, you must either use oil paints or completely strip the oil paint.

Figure maker Ray Guyll invented a formula that addresses that problem. He sent me some to try, and I used it on Rickie-Tik. According to Ray's instructions, I painted a thin layer of his formula onto the surface and let it dry, which took less than an hour. Then I applied a base coat of white acrylic paint over that. After that, I did a normal acrylic paint job.

Thanks, Ray, for a wonderful solution to an old problem. This process saves hours of sanding and stripping during a typical vintage hard figure restoration.