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Monday, February 19, 2007

An Eyeful of Dark

It turns out that it was a minor stroke that affected only one half of my right eye. Most likely I get option 2 as presented to me yesterday. It will stay the same. Unless I don't take care to prevent another one, that is, in which case I get option 3.

My main concern was that it would slow me down. It won't. I can still read music (if the notes are not too tiny or dim), stand up long enough to do a one-hour vent show, and work in my workshop building dummies. I can even see well enough to type this, which means I can still write.

Reading is a problem, though. Anybody want to buy a huge technical library of obsolete computer programming books?

Watching TV is tedious except on the wide-screen set in the living room. Anybody want to buy about five standard sized color TV sets?

I might have to give up playing the trumpet, however, because of the pressure that blowing a brass instrument puts on my inner face. (The yard cats and neighborhood dogs are happy about that.) Anybody want to buy a trumpet, a cornet, a flugelhorn, and a valve trombone?

I can drive, too, although I rue the day when the DMV makes me take an eye test. I think they do that when you are 80. I'll squint my way carefully and slowly through traffic until then. Anybody want to buy a Corvette?


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