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Friday, January 26, 2007

Infrequent Posts, Comments and a Show Tonight

Infrequent Posts

I haven't been posing much for three reasons:
  1. I've been busy getting ready for tonight's show
  2. I have a complex workshop project for a client that takes a lot of time and about which, by agreement with the client, I may not yet make any public announcements
  3. I'm having vision difficulties caused by the complications of diabetes, which make it difficult to do much of anything with my computer

Don't worry too much about that third reason. I'm working on it. If necessary, I'll get a large screen monitor to address the problem.


I've made it as difficult as blogspot allows to post comments to this blog. Spammers are attacking blogs right and left hoping to sneak their insidious messages through. If you wish to comment, just go to my website and send me an email that way. If it's just an attaboy, I'll probably read it and file it for personal use.

Big Show Tonight

I'm doing a concert tonight with jazz music. The second set is comedy mainly. I'll do an hour of ventriloquism. I hope to get some good video clips. The schedule on my website has details, but here's a link:
Heidi's Jazz Club
Click the Calendar link at that site.


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