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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Big Fred Has Arrived!

Big Fred arrived in England yesterday. Here are some pictures.

Opening the box...

Dieter-Lee and Big Fred meet for the first time.

Throwing his voice

Getting a kiss

Along with the pictures came this message.

Dear Al, well we finally got Big Fred after the Post Office had held him hostage for a few days !. Our Customs and Excise Office is probably as bad as your IRS !. Dieter-Lee has been bouncing with excitement ever since we "sprang" Fred from the "Big House" !!. He very soon got the idea about the controls for Fred, and started talking with him straight away. He used one of the longest sentences I've ever heard him say, "Hello, I'm Big Fred,what's your name?. I'm Dieter-Lee,how are you?.". For Dieter-Lee that is a very long speech,so it bodes well that his use of language will hopefully improve with Fred.They are both now settling down for sleep,we have had to make a bed for Fred from a suitcase with pillows and a sheet !,in the next few days I've got to make a Fred sized bed for him to sleep in !.That's one very happy little boy.On your website could you please post a very big thank to everyone who helped and sent him birthday wishes.I will start to read the books that were sent and show Dieter-Lee how to do it,he learns best by immitation.We've had fun already this evening practising with Fred.Once again a huge Thank You to everyone involved in the project,we are so grateful to you all.We will keep you up to date on everything.Attached are a few photo's.

Yours sincerely with many,many Thanks,
Michael and Susan


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