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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Last Night's Show

The show went well. This was Uncle Sweeter's second public performance and his fourth altogether if you include the test runs I did at Judy's family reunion and for some of daughter Wendy's friends and neighbors. By now I've pretty much figured out what material works best for him, so this audience was very responsive. About 30 adults in a private home. Early twenties through seventies with most guests being in their late thirties, I'm guessing.

As I used Aunt Sally, I messed up and called her "Uncle Sally." I have no idea why that happened. Judy laughed and pointed it out to me right away.

Ad lib of the evening:

Al: "I can't believe you just said that."
Sally: "You're the ventriloquist and you can't believe what I just said? Do,do,do,do (Twilight Zone theme)."

I rarely use jokes that emphasize the ventriloquist/dummy setting. I'd rather just make it two people talking. This came out before I had time to think about it. And it got a big laugh. I think I'll keep it in.

As I manipulated Aunt Sally I could hear something rattling inside her head. She was working okay, and there were no outward signs that anything was wrong. Today in the workshop I found out what it was. Her trapdoor, which was hot-glued to tabs inside her head, had come loose and was rattling around inside her wig. One of the tabs had fallen off, and some pressure to her head during packing had knocked the trapdoor loose. It's fixed now with epoxy.

I made the tabs with MagicSculp. The head shell is fiberglass. The MS tab had not adhered well to the FG head. I am pretty much done with using MagicSculp for anything. It's been nothing but problems in these applications.


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