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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Look What I Just Got

This is the new figure head kit from Mike Brose. I just got one, and am I ever excited.

Mike calls this character "Little E" and you can see it at Mike's Little E! page, and buy one, too.

I've had a saucy little girl character in mind for when I do family shows. (Surprise! Al does family shows. Ya' didn't think I had it in me, did ya'?) I planned to sculpt a face, but when I saw Mike's new product, I fell in love with it.

Which is why her name is Ann Lindsey (first name, middle name), after the young lady I fell for in first grade and admired from a distance all through elementary and high school. She's also the first girl I ever kissed. As I recall she was not impressed by ventriloquists, at least not by this one.

I'll be working on Ann Lindsay in the weeks to come, and I'll post her progress here. She'll have a Brose body with shorter legs and arms than the typical Fred figure.

Picture her with blonde tresses, blue eyes, a taffeta dress (whatever that is), ribbons in her hair, white socks, and those little black pumps that little girls wear. Picture her with a sharp comeback to anything an adult says to her and a wise outlook on the adult world that controls her.

Here's a link to an essay I published about her namesake ten years ago:

Anne Lindsay Williams


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