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Friday, September 01, 2006

Party Time

We're working a private party tonight. A 50th anniversary at a private home. The couple saw us in a night club. I'll be taking Aunt Sally and Uncle Sweeter Dabney, who is all decked out here in his party duds.

When I was building Uncle Sweeter I said I wanted a checkered jacket for him. The jacket and bow tie in this picture came in a package from fellow ventriloquist and figure builder, Larry LaFontsee. Thanks, Larry.

My wife Judy did the alterations. She shortened the sleeves, made the slit in the back, and made a special slit for his left arm and hand control.

He just needs to wear that hat. It's hard to keep such a hat on a dummy during a performance, though, so he now has a hatpin going straight through his skull.

Now all he needs are Argyle socks.


Blogger Lawrence E. Harris said...


Hope the show went well. I went shopping at the Salvation army for a nice suit for "Pops." You can really find some nice cloths for a little bit of money. I cleaned up last week with a couple of outfits.

Uncle Sweater looks like a real card. You should be happy with him.

Cheers, Larry

9:33 PM  

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