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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Dialogue Crib Notes

I have advanced CRS, which means I can't remember stuff. Memorizing scripts is particularly difficult. So, I use notes. Just a list of key words to jog my memory so I do each bit in its proper order. I can work without them, but then I realize when I come offstage that I left out something.

Onstage during a jazz show, my notes hide from the audience on the music stand. But when it's a comedy performance only, I need a better way. So, with my computer I make a small card with a list of hints. I attach the card to the figure's shoulder. The audience doesn't see it, but it's there if I need it.

My wife has a laminating setup. Laminating a crib notes card preserves it for multiple use.

In this case, the notes are for Aunt Sally's six-minute routine, so the card is pinned to her purse strap on her left shoulder. To keep it in place, I use hot glue to attach a paper clip to the back of the card, which I use to attach the card to the figure's clothes.

Now, if only my eyesight holds out.


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