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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

America's Got Talent - A Commentary

Some folks on the vent lists have expressed concern that ventriloquist Terry Fator did musical impressions only and no comedy on America's Got Talent. They should visit his website ( and watch his promotional video. This guy is not new to performing. He's been at it quite a while, and he is very good.

I wish AGT gave more time to the performers and less time to the other stuff. But then, the glitz is probably what keeps viewers tuning in. The time limit didn't allow the teenage girl to sing all of "Over the Rainbow, for example. She skipped to the tag where the bridge goes and finished the tune 16 measures early. A little bit of that Butterscotch lady who makes drum sounds with her mouth goes a long way, though, so I guess the limit is a blessing in disguise.

I wish, too, that the judges were a little more sophisticated when it comes to music. Someone needs to teach that sweet little girl the melody to "Over The Rainbow." I guarantee that if the notes she sang were played instrumentally with no lyrics, you would not recognize the song. She did the same thing to Crazy the week before. In that rendition she sang one very bad note that she repeated twice. I guess when you are 14 going on 22 and drop dead beautiful, you can sing anything you want.

I didn't vote because the guy with the guitar was the best of the four in my opinion. As much as I'd like to see Terry win and give credibility to our art, I thought the other guy blew him away musically and deserves to win. That turtle sure looked like Roy Orbison, though.

(I'll be glad when there are no more ventriloquists on AGT so I can stop watching it and once again avoid Jerry Springer.)

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