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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A Star is Born

NBC Today broadcast their coverage of the Kentucky ConVENTion this past Saturday. You can watch it here:

NBC Today

More interesting is that one of my clips made it to NewsBusters.

I enjoyed the comments, especially the one about living with my parents. Of course the NewsBusters commenters could not know that:

  • Brian seemed more interested in the visual effect of Dexter's eyes rolling than in the joke itself. He had me do it twice so they would be sure to get it.
  • NBC edited out the real punch line, which follows Dexter's eyes rolling, so NewsBusters' commenters don't really know how the joke goes.
  • The joke is indeed very old as the commenters suggest, but is actually nonpartisan. I've used it since at least the Eisenhower administration and during every one since. It was highly successful here in Florida during the post-election Bush-Gore fracas of 2000.

Especially interesting is that the photo of me shown with the commentary is a still (with a bad aspect ratio) from a scene that was not aired, which seems to indicate that someone at NBC who has access to the original video contributed it to NewsBusters. Hey guys, I have better ones if you want them.

(Followup: Mark Finkelstein, who wrote the piece in NewsBusters, cleared up my question about the picture. He wrote to me, "The picture displayed in my column was aired on 'Today.' It was briefly shown during the 'tease' for your segment at the very beginning of the show.")

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