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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Yet another comedy club...

I went to a comedy club last night to check it out. Talk about convenient. It's located about two miles from my house. Too good to be true? Read on.

Giggles Comedy Club is set up on Wednesday nights at the Holiday Inn Express in a large room designed for banquets. It is located at the intersection of Rt 520 and I-95, about seven miles outside of town. In the boonies, actually. As near as I can tell, their only advertising consists of small signs they put up on the entrance ramps of nearby exits. If you didn't look closely, you'd think they were yard sale signs. That's how I found the club. (I tend to read those signs when I ought to be watching the road.)

There wasn't much of a crowd.

Giggles doesn't have an adequate sound system. Entertainers use the PA system designed for banquet and meeting speakers with the sound coming from round 10" loudspeakers in the ceiling. With the high ceilings, large room, and plate glass windows, the audio was boomy with too much reverb and not enough dynamic response. I had difficulty hearing much of what the comedians said. Well, I could hear it, I just couldn't understand it. See what I posted yesterday about sound systems.

Lighting is poor, too. A small, dim spotlight at the back of the room kind of points at the stage. It is the kind of light that dark clubs use to illuminate dance floors. Not so bright as to annoy the dancers, but bright enough to keep them from bumping into one another. Comedians are effectively working in the dark. Not a good setup for a ventriloquist, I thought.

Instead of a master of ceremonies, they used a canned introduction to begin the show. An MC showed up later to introduce the second of two comedians and to close out the show. Go figure. Maybe he was late for work.

Both comedians were funny. They are not local entertainers. One is from North Carolina, the other from Miami. They use adult material. The first guy did about a half hour and is the funnier of the two. The second guy did 45 minutes and was dirtier, although not as rough as I've heard in other clubs. The small audience was appreciative and laughed a lot at both acts.

A patron at the bar told me the hotel is trying this for the month of April to see if it works. There is no cover charge, and drink prices are reasonable. Two bucks for a draft beer, which is about half what other clubs in the area charge. I did a quick head count and some mental arithmetic and figured they weren't making the nut.

April is almost over. I didn't bother leaving a promotional package.


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