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Saturday, April 22, 2006

By way of introduction:

Ventriloquism fascinates me. I've practiced the art since I was a child. There are open forum discussion groups and other blogs dedicated to ventriloquism . See my links to find these places. I've written extensively about ventriloquism and most of those writings are unpublished. This blog serves as a medium with which I can post some of those writings. That's me in the picture with my most popular ventriloquist dummy, Aunt Sally Pickle.

I was a writer for many years, and I have a large file of unpublished thoughts about ventriloquism that hit the cutting room floor during the rewrite process. Usually it was because the prose was inappropriate for the subject at hand or unsuitable for the targeted audience. Whatever my reason for rejecting something, I must have thought it worth saving, because I tucked it away. I'll pull some of those things out from time to time and post them here.

As an entertainer, I maintain an interest in visual arts associated with promoting one's career. Photography, website design, videography, cartooning, and so on. In another life I was a computer programmer, too, and software technologies that support the arts interest me. I'll talk about my experiences with those things when the spirit moves me.

I invite and welcome your comments and reactions to what you read here. You won't always agree, you won't always approve, and you won't always care. Whatever your reaction, please let me know.


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